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Tuesday, 6 January 2009

2 topics not even remotely connected to my cycling

1. Last night must have been a new/full/gibber moon as this morning I came downstairs to the discovery that the serial killer had been at it again. Lean, mean and ginger the Flea has yet to meet his match..and when he does my vet bills are going to sky rocket I can see. Today, I followed the blood trail feeling like every literary detective - (except Kojak - I'm not bald or that big and don't suck lollipops)and knew the butler had NOT dunnit. Yet again I was amazed at how much fur/feathers the poor victim loses before finally giving up the unequal fight.... I'm still finding feathers in odd places from the last episode.

Today it was fur, as the politically incorrect Flea had killed a ring tailed possum and a big one too, which is now residing in my rubbish bin. The species is protected but since we have an awful lot in our garden and they often keep me awake at night what with their weird noises and their habit of scampering loudly over our roof..I'm immune to feeling guilty. Alex had failed to close one of the kitchen doors and so we're VERY lucky that the fight hadn't spilled over into the rest of the house.

2. My fitness project at work has gone into overdrive. I can't quite credit it. I have 31 teams entered..that 124 people and we've still got the rest of January for people to enter. Now I've got to get my skates on and get some freebies for the show bags. Desparate plea:
I'm struggling - this is really so far out of my comfort zone ...anyone reading this got ideas or contacts?? Over the weekend I had a play with an image off the web plus photoshop and came up with a logo:
Simple and hopefully effective, I'm rather proud of it! (WW&CG =Workplace Wellness and Communications Group)..sorry to anyone living in Tasmania. So if we get say 200 people signed up..I wonder how many will be there 89 days later?! (Feb 1-April 30)..anyone care to bet?

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Buttsy said...

Would love to be able to throw some prizes in, but a handful of triangular bandages is not that exciting about some of the really ugly Trauma Teddies, I have got one at home that looks like it has bike knicks found its way into my study......oh the things we find inspiration from.......sounds like yuo and Lawrence are doing some great training together, so I should try to melb someday and learn from the ITT master. I did 3 x 5 ITT efforts today at a high high HR and it hurts!!!!