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Thursday, 4 December 2008

The phone call a mother never wants to get...

Yesterday after work was a time full of co-incidences, although at the time I didn't realise it.

In the morning I managed to tweak my left shoulder and was in pain for most of the early part of the day and although it gradually eased through (!) totally brilliant self treatment(!), I was still a little worried about it for my kettle bell session after work but fronted up anyway.

I left a little early as I had a Skype meet with my coach planned for 8pm and as I passed by Bulleen Arts and Gardens was surprised to see Andrew Bell by the side of the road off his bike and about to talk to someone in a smallish car. I very nearly stopped to see if he needed a lift but was in traffic and way past him when I thought about it so couldn't.

Move forward 40 minutes and I'm home ready for my Skype call when a phone rings. I ignore it..its not a tune I'm used to. Then I realise it IS my phone, I'm just not up with the tunes the new phone has sorted out for my enjoyment. I get to it too late, but there's a voice message for me.

It's Mel, Ben's fiancee and she says...."just letting you know, Ben's in the Austin A&E he's had a head on crash........." at this point panic intervenes and my hearing fails but gradually I realise we're talking bike head on not car head on. Not that a bike head on is an injury free zone. It took many panicked attempts later to reach either of them that I realised that mobiles have to be turned off in A&E anyway and I ring the A&E itself.

The story as I understand it is that he, going downhill, crashed into a much much bigger guy going up hill..other guy un-injured just went home, Ben slightly concussed and with a comprehensively wrecked helmet, was taken to hospital. And that is where the link to the beginning of this post is, cos had I been 5 minutes earlier instead of just Andrew, I would have seen the ambulance carting Ben away.

Only the other day I was asking Ben what he wanted for I know..a new helmet.

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