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Tuesday, 4 November 2008

MTB aftermath and Melbourne Cup Day

That noise you can hear is my body creaking, not my legs just the rest of my body. I'm stiff and sore from the two falls on Sunday..but still grinning 'cos I had fuuuuunnnnn. I'm not sure if all my creaking is from the falls though..maybe some is from the extra upper body work out you get from MTB'ing as opposed to road or track riding.

Australia is the Lucky Country. Those of us living in the Garden State ie Victoria are the luckiest of the lucky..or so we were told at the VicSport award night. Melburnians (apart from those poor sods working in academia) are the luckiest of the luckiest of the lucky....cos today is Melbourne Cup Day and while the rest of the Lucky Country are slaving away at the salt mine..WE HAVE A DAY OFF, a public holiday no less, a day off with pay..yay! Why? well I suspect it was because long ago so many people took a sickie they decided to make it official. Australians generally are fairly casual dressers but this time of the year, the streets are full of people dressed to the nines and all heading towards Flemington.

My forays into the gee gee world are extremely limited as I'm too tight fisted to waste money on betting but I always buy tickets in the sweep we have going at work. This year I bought 3 x $1 tickets getting Yellowstone, Zarita and Newport. Yesterday I heard that Yellowstone was likely to be scratched (injury) and this morning I read that Zarita was definitely scratched (virus) all of which pretty much reflects my luck at the races. The only time I've shown more than a mini interest in horse racing was in 1972, the year we arrived in Australia. Phil and I decided that since we were living in Melbourne we would place a bet on a horse in the Melbourne Cup. We fronted up at the betting shop only to discover that we were too late, the betting had closed. The horse we'd chosen didn't win or while we didn't actually win, we didn't lose either.

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