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Thursday, 17 July 2008

Last weekend's results

Here are the results from last weekend's TT:

A Grade 1st 30.58, 2nd 31.05, 3rd 31.07

B Grade 1st 33.18 2nd 33.35 3rd 33.56

C Grade 1st 37.09 2nd 38.03 3rd 38.58

D Grade 1st 36.38 2nd Liz Randall 36.46 3rd 37.47

Looks like I'd have been better placed in C grade, but to be fair..maybe others were not going flat out since they had 2 more races ahead of them, whereas I was going straight home.......1st place in C grade was a ~?40yr old female. The winner and 3rd place of B grade are both going to Austria too...they are, I think MMAS 7 age group, so around the same age as me. Checking out the differential of times between MMAS7 and WMAS7 (ie 60-64 yr old) in the Worlds TT race last year, the guys run at 3-4 minutes faster that the women.....

Things are hotting up here at home, with Alex flying out tomorrow. He goes by domestic flight to Sydney first then on to Warsaw for a month's worth of training camps and lead up races to the World MTB Orienteering Championships being held in Poland at the end of August.

Yesterday he weighed his bike bag on the wheelchair weighing machine at work; it came in at 17.3kgs. Flying with BA he is able to take 1 bike bag (as sports equipment) and 1 case. Sadly they wouldn't allow me 2 bikes cases so I'm doomed to a round the world trip. I'll have 1 case with 2 bikes in, minus pedals and seats/seat posts, which'll clock in at a shade over 23kgs and a second bike case with wheels and clothes in. OR I can put a bike in each case with the wheels and etcs in the bigger case. Whichever way I go, I'll start packing this weekend after the TT race on Saturday, with the TT bike in the bigger and also safer case.

I've always admired people who don't get as stressed as I do prior to travel and who manage to look elegant as they front up to the flight. Despite many, many flights across the globe, I always look like a stressed out wreck.....which is reality, 'cos I always am a stressed out wreck!

I have quite a few funnies from my travels....the year I won both the World Masters RR and TT, I got on the plane at Heathrow and promptly fell asleep, only to be woken by applause. When I asked what that was all about my neighbour told me the captain had announced that on board was the World Masters Road Champion!!!!!! big moment and I missed it.

Another time while in the lift at Heathrow, a Brit asked me what on earth was in my huge double bike case and I said in a confidential whisper.... "It's the ONLY way to travel with children".

Or the last time I went to Austria, on arrival at Salzburg airport when replying in German to the customs question..what's in that bag...I said Radfahrer (cyclist) rather that Fahrrad (bicycle)!!.......

I just hope NOT to repeat the time I left my aero helmet at the security scanner in Melbourne and only realised just before that WAS a time when I boarded in a sweaty, stressed out state. As a result of that episode, I now count my hand luggage every time I move.....

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