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Sunday, 20 July 2008

Farewell to freezing training rides!

Today I farewelled for 7 weeks one of my regular training rides ..Croydon to The Basin then up into the Dandenongs via the 1 in 20 to Sassafras, then back home via Montrose and Kilsyth.

After a morning spent dismantling my TT bike and working out which bike case it would travel in, I started the tedious process of the packing, the weighing, the culling, the weighing, the packing, the......and I finally rode out at 2pm.

Bad move..not only was it VERY cold up in the Dandenongs, it was also wet and there was a lot of traffic on the road. I had a feeling that some of the drivers were driving home in a very relaxed state after a jovial lunch up in the hills. So instead of riding all the way down the tourist road, I diverted down Inverness Road....safer traffic wise, but it was difficult braking down the steeper road with frozen hands. The shower I had when I got home, was more to warm me up than to get me clean.

It was a recovery ride after yesterday's TT and was very ho-hum... not only was I overtaken by sundry people wearing dayglo colours bobbing all over their bikes, but an MTB rider sped past me as if I was going backwards. I kept checking, but no flat tyre!

I've checked a Brit weather website and it shows temperatures in the mid 20's...can't wait.

So, 4 days left..fitting in: car to the garage for repair following a tail gating crash(not my fault), a visit to the hairdresser for a racing hair cut, 1 more training session with M Lash, 1 kettle bell session, 1 Pilates session, 1 massage +work +maybe buying a Zipp 808 +packing and weighing and repacking and, and, and

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