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Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Working out my next lot of races

July looks like being a "race month"

6/7 there's a club TT on the Kew Boulie either 10km or 20km

12/7 there's a choice of 2 TT's - Southern vets and Castlemaine club race

19/7 Eastern have their brutal Yarra Junction 25km TT

and finally

20/7 the state club TTT

and it was while checking out the last one and deciding whether or not to put my hand up for this event that I discovered this very elegant looking website full of climbing profiles for Victorians and maybe later for all Aussies. These sort of sites are breeding like rabbits.

I'm keen to get out and do more TT work..check out the equipment, warm up routine and position,but 4 TT's in one month is like being a chocolate addict and working in Cadbury's...too tempting

...hmm choices....

  • The TTT means I have less control over pace, so that's been given the flick without a second thought.
  • The 10km or 20 km Boulie race is nice and close, but the road surface is crap
  • Castlemaine is attractive, but the distance makes it an all day event and with petrol prices rocketing....flick
  • Southern's is part of a multi stage event, but is the FIRST race
  • The Eastern 25km is brutal
What to do....dither dither


Colin Griffiths said...

Forget the road surface, put less air in those tyres and ride it. A race is a race! Anyway, I thought it was still winter over there?

asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

yup its still winter..cos our weather is never truly awful (no matter how much I whinge!)we race all year round..road races and TT's in the winter, crits in the summer.

I'll be based near Bedford in early august and am booked for a couple of TT's .. you anywhere in that vicinity?

Colin Griffiths said...

We're in Leicester, 50 miles away to the north. What are you riding?

asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

Apparently I'm racing the E2/10 - 10mile TT on Sat 2/8 and the BRCC 11.3 circuit TT on Wed 7/8..after which I scuttle away to Marlborough to house sit and recuperate!!