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Sunday, 29 June 2008

Saved by a distraction and today's social ride.

Using the Windows Movie Maker program that came with XP, I've just spent the last few hours editing a 50 min vid down to 1 minute (and even that was too long and boring!).

I added music and was just creating the title and closing credits when I was distracted, walked away for a while and when I came back had gone...lost.... as if it had never been there.

Yeeetch...I HATE computers when they're being contrary!

Ah well.....perhaps it was for the have all been spared the agony and I have been spared the embarrassment.

Today's ride was to be a social ride for 2-3 hrs. I rode it solo at a social pace. Actually I started out towards the Bay using the Eastlink trail, but I'll not do that again. Too many traffic lights with very long waits and too many day glo Fred's weaving across the path, riding in groups right across the path while gawking at the traffic on the toll road and, and , was just not enjoyable.

There was a north wind that was described as "fresh to strong" it was a bit hard to judge when to turn round, but when I did the social pace become slower and a LOT harder. I spent a fair bit of time checking out the Garmin for grades, noting that most of our suburban rolling hills peaked out at about 8% with the occasional incursion into double figures. I have to go to the outer suburbs to get to the real nasties......

Alex is recovering from a bad cold, Ben is recovering for the worst cold he's ever had and I've got a sore throat...again. Place must be buzzing with germs.

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