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Monday, 26 May 2008

weight loss

Skinny I am not and never will be! however when racing the road and its ever present hills, its best for me to be at a somewhat lighter weight than I find easy to maintain. Exactly one month ago I vowed to shed the coupla kilos I'd happily put on over the past 12 months and get down to my "race weight range". And I've done it, or at least I've eased into the top end of that range. How did I do it? firstly cut out lattes/cappuccinos, wine/beer and cheese. Then count calories. I've stopped the calorie counting but have still cut out that list of yummies.

A couple of the more aware of my colleagues have mentioned that I look as though I've lost weight but none have yet asked me the eagerly awaited question (spoken in tones of concern)'ve lost weight..are you "alright"? ie do you have some malignant disease and are not planning to stay long in this life. As a previous personal trainer and I used to laugh over..our preferred look is "haggard"!

The trick of course is to shed the fat and maintain, or build up the muscle..although I think in my case, it's maintaining and therefore improving the strength/weight ratio. I'm still doing the kettle bell classes on Wednesdays and have progressed to the 12kg weight. A couple of our class are going to the World Kettlebell Champs in September which will be held this year in Toronto. Check this You tube thingy out .

Personally I find any strength training extremely boring which is why for me joining a gym is a total waste of money, so while I have to force myself to attend, the session is great for leg and core strengthening and watching the two really good lifters train makes me work that little bit harder. Currently there are "special" exercises added for me to improve explosive strength.

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