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Sunday, 25 May 2008

Beach Road, new set up and a busy day

Beach Road

These pix are from the beachrdcylist website and I've posted them so non Aussies can see how lucky we Melbournians are. The pix are from Black Rock where there are 3 , yup 3 cycling shops and a dedicated parking area for us. There are another 3 cycling shops along the route.

Bathing Boxes at Brighton..Victorian heritage in Victoria. they cost a bomb to own now and have to be kept in perfect condition.

Below is an interesting set of numbers..although how they counted the numbers in the big packs...!?

2005 Counts





Motor vehicles

Wells Rd Beaumaris

Sat 23 July 2005

0600 – 1000



Sun 24 July 2005

0600 – 1000



Total of three sites

Sat 10 Sept 2005

0600 – 2000



Sun 11 Sept 2005

0600 – 2000



Set up
As I've written before, the main differences in my new set up are that my cleat position has been altered to be further forward and my seat has been lifted.

I've had 2 ergo sessions since then but with little to compare was unwilling to be anything other than neutral...until yesterday's session along Beach Road. This wasn't a planned comparison..I had to deliver the TT bike to Spoke(n) for re-cabling and a new stem and so did last Sunday's pre-set up ride again. Nor was it in any way scientific . However, the result was very, very positive. Concentrating on cadence and pedalling style and even without a train to chase this time, my average speed was up by 2.5kph. What's more important I felt comfortable and strong.

Chapeau to John Hine then! (pretentious? who me?). So, Blaireau, to answer your comment from last week- if you find a good practitioner of the art/science I'd say yes it is worth the money.

A busy day

Yesterday was one of those non-stop days..and when on Monday morning I get the ritual "Had a good weekend, then?" I will cross my eyes and depending who's asking, will decide whether or not to chant this:

Up at 5am, early computer session catching up with emails, news etc
Set washing machine going
Put out rubbish
Put out recycling stuff
Dry dishes from last night
Put out stuff into compost bin
Sweep floor
Empty washing machine, put on second lot
Hang out washing (actually in since I don't trust the weather)
Vacuum carpet
Pack bikes and gear into car
Shower/cleaning shower at same time, dress
Shop for groceries
Pack stuff into pantry, fridge etc
Get second lot of washing out the machine and hang it out/in
Leave home for library...returning books and DVD I've not had time to read/watch (!)
Over to Pilates..arrive 30 mins early discover GREAT coffee place..long black with cold milk on the side please.
11:00 Pilates
12:00 Massage
Drive to Abbotsford cycles to pick up cloth handlebar tape(actually its rim tape) for TT bars, buy 10
Drive to Spoke(n) to deliver TT bike for alterations
Risk crossing St Kilda road to get to second hand lap top shop
Buy 2nd hand lap top for downloading WKO+ when not at home, so needed XP not Vista.
15:00 Arrive at Beach Road buy lunch... 2 bread rolls and munch while changing into bike gear
15:20 Start 2 hr ride
Finish 1hr 35 later as losing light
Drive to garage, buy protein bar, drink and jellied lollies(yum)
Drive home
Recite the above to Alex who tries in vain to match it
Play with new lap top
Check to see if anything good on TV..negative

Maybe I'll just print it off and hand it out!!!

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