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Thursday, 22 May 2008

The best news of the decade

I'm 63 (well to the UCI I'm 64) and as a roadie at world level I get to race in the 60+ class, as a trackie I have to ride in a 50+ class. Sort of a bit off putting..wonder why you bother really.

So when Janet Moss sent me this letter she'd received from the World Masters Track Organisers I was thrilled:

Hi Janet

Thank you for your email. This years event in Sydney will be run in 5 year categories but to assist with the timing of the events and to assist with keeping the day from being too long as they are already very long days for competitors and officials. If there is not sufficient numbers to run and individual event this category will be combined with the lower age category. It was decided this year that even though categories will be combined every category will be awarded medals. This means that if you have to combine with a younger age and there are only 2 competitors in your original age category then the first placed competitor will be awarded gold and the second silver and the younger category will have separate medals. You will whoever not be able to win 2 gold medals for the one race if you bet all the competitors in the younger. category.

So please consider your intention to compete because if you are combined with another category you will be still competing against your own age for medals. This applies for both female and male categories.

I hope this has answered your question and if you have any further questions then I will be happy to answer.

Kind regards

Chris Unicomb

Organising committee

2008 UCI Masters

I thanked Janet for her input, but she will be the first to acknowledge that others before have being putting mega pressure on everywhere to get this to happen...

yahoo and yippee...NOW its worth all those training miles and agonies.

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Lawrence said...

That's good news all round, not just for you oldies.... I think all the women have the same dilemma.