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Sunday, 18 May 2008

1 x 2hr stint on the trainer is quite enough for me!

It rained virtually the whole day yesterday and so really there was no choice...2 boring, boring hours in front of the TV on the trainer. I even went out and bought a cycling DVD to help ease the pain. The pain in my wallet wasn't going to compare with the pain in my butt or brain if I didn't have something, anything really, to distract me.

Long live the drought! Well, no not really, as you can see we're down to 30% capacity in our dams... but please, please let it rain while I'm at work or at night.......
Anyhow there was going to be no repeat of that agony today...if it wasn't dry enough then I was off to the velodrome for a session there. I checked the rain radar and although it looked both on the computer and in real life, that where I live was going to be wet, wet, wet again, the Beach Road area looked OK. And so it turned out, apart from the last 5 minutes of my 2 hr/55km Fartlek ride.
The road was pretty well bike free..with only a few triathletes/TTers and a few women on the road...where were all the big bunches...even the Hell ride didn't eventuate yesterday! The on shore breeze made the ride a bit different, it was quite strong and while travelling south was okay, travelling north and therefore nearer to the barriers (hedges/walls.etc) was had to be alert as you rode along...not a day for a minimal grip on the bars.

The only bit of interest was racing the train. There is a section where there are 2 parallel road with a railway line in between and many many traffic lights to allow for safe crossing. If you time it right, with a train slowly catching up on you, you can get a really clear run with all the traffic lights in your favour in order to allow the train through. I've managed it once before and it happened again today..great fun and much safer than racing the tram on the way into town on the Maroondah Highway!

I'm expecting a drowned rat home later on this afternoon!..spurred on by his 3rd place in last weekend's 6 hr MTB enduro race, Alex is fronting up for another this Sunday. This is all build up for his foray into Poland for the World MTB Orienteering Championships late in July. Alex has represented Australia in every one of the championships and is hoping for great things this year, although the standard is rocketing upwards....

Tomorrow I'm off the the "set-up guru" to be...well, "set-up" on all 3 bikes...I wonder what sort of changes he'll advise. More on that next week.

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