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Sunday, 6 April 2008

Sheffield Rd is worse/more challenging than Inverness Rd

Today Lawrence took me on her revenge ride.

Yup ...revenge for every time I've left her behind gasping and grovelling on a hill.

And she certainly got her money's worth...twofold.

Sheffield Rd (yes and there is a Liverpool and a Birmingham and a Colchester Rd etc etc etc) was the first target and yes she beat me hands down.

The moment I saw the hill I knew it was not for me in my less than great state; the air turned a shade of blue around me and there was this evil little chuckle behind me.

I struggled and grovelled and about 1/3 way up started to tack to lessen the slope..but the end was nigh and I stalled.
UN fortunately I stalled going from right to left.
UN fortunately I always clip my left foot out first.
UN fortunately I had no brains so I followed my usual routine.
UN fortunately it was the downhill leg.
UN fortunately the hill was so steep my cleat slid on the road and I fell.
UN fortunately my cleat kept slipping and I had to crawl, mit velo across the the edge of the road.
Fortunately there was no traffic.
UN fortunately Lawrence got to the top in one, so I'll have to return until I conquer it.

S#$% !

My Garmin tells me it was just shy of if I really wanted to know.
The other side of the hill looked awful from above upon which Lawrence and I had a role change..she swore, I chuckled!!!

So 4 training days on the trot. Time for a rest. The virus has gone although its left me with over-active sinuses.

1 comment:

Lawrence said...

That hill is +19% and then plummets the opposite way into the hellish depths of -19%. At least it has balance!