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Monday, 24 March 2008

Not quite there, but alot closer than a week ago

Well I did it.....alot better than a week ago when I somewhat irresponsibly attempted this ride when definitely not well and had to stop seven , yes 7, times to get to the top on the bike rather than in a hearse. This time I stopped only twice and really shouldn't have stopped the first was more of a tactical ...."I'm not going to make that 17.5% bit without a rest so I'll stop now" type of stop, when in actual fact I had to stop mid grovel any how. Next time..... And the time I took?

Take 1= 17mins 17.94 secs riding time over a 24 min 34.42 secs period.
Take 2= 15 mins 32.4 secs riding time over a 17 min 46.92 secs period.

Checking in on cycle2max website the fastest time is 8 mins 37 and the 20th ranked ride out of 46 is 13 mins and a bit of improvement to go then!

As you can see from the straight wattage line, when I got to the top I was off the bike, onto the grass and into heavy breathing mode. However once I've got this licked the next challenge is the "Full Monty"..this involves turning left at the top, following the Mt Dandenong Tourist road then right into Ridge road and into the Sky High Restaurant car park...the best time for this uphill slog is 23.62mins.

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