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Saturday, 23 February 2008

Rest week coming up

Rest week is fast approaching, and although previously I've whinged and whined that I don't enjoy doing very little...but this time my lips are zipped, cos I'm VERY tired. I have one more long ride which will be a decent paced ride into the centre of Melbourne followed by a 40km dawdle around the inner suburbs on a charity ride in aid of MS followed by a decent paced ride home. A group are going from work and since I'm the resident expert(!) I have to be supportive of them..closing my eyes to bells, reflectors, stands, helmets worn like a 10 yr old etc etc. Be n(o)ice Liz!!!

Alex and I are beginning to get excited about our new TT frames which should be just about ready for us next week..when they arrive and after we built them up, we'll go bush and test them on some nice quiet country roads. I'm still trying to source a really good road disc wheel, having given up on my Zipp one that can be road and track. I've made it a track one...we have nats races on track and road in the same week..just can't get the tyres changed in time!

Races coming up are a road series over Easter plus the state track titles the week after. I'm not sure what I'll race in the state champs..I've lost the ability to ride a few fast laps, so will probably ditch the pursuit, have a play with the TT and have fun in the scratch.

Nats are in mid April, with track coming first then a days rest, followed by road.
Sadly the road TT series we had here in Victoria last year has fallen over, so once again I have to go searching for TT races...dammit.

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Colin Griffiths said...

Oh the ignominy of a reflector! Just wear a wig under your helmet and hope a serious cyclist doesn't see you.