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Sunday, 10 February 2008

Its 32 days since I got my PT hub back from Saris

This graph is 32 days worth of training....since 9/1/08, when I got my PT wheel back onto the bike....and while it needs a bit more data to be a really accurate indicator, the blue " fitness"line travels ever upwards.

Today's ride was the Tour de Northeastern suburbs..Warrandyte/Research/Eltham/Doncaster and home. The heave up from the Yarra River at Warrandyte to Research is worse than the 1 in 20 and the change was good.

Powertap news

Fixmawheel now has a powertap ..a 24 hole wireless model which she has had laced into a DT Swiss there will now be a flurry of wattage posts!!!
She also redeemed herself this morning by going up the 1 in 20 riding 53/16...I await her 1st Trainingpeaks graph.

Also yesterday Alex won a 32 hole wired PT SL hub on ebay at a very nice price and so will soon be able to stop borrowing mine(!). He plans on racing crits with it and so will going for a lighter rim than my Mavic Open Pro.

Future Competitions

I have posted off my entry to a series of road events over Easter..hopefully by then I'll have my new CompetitionBlue TT bike
I will also have to get my entries in for the state masters track champs and the nats road and track champs..all of which are coming up very soon.

And on a totally non-cycling topic..of my two cats, Flea is the named cos he jumps not cos he has them...brought 2 mice into the house last night....TWO! He catches them in the garden and brings them in through the cat door to demonstrate his cleverness to us. Unfortunately I missed seeing one of the corpses and trod on it in bare feet Yeeetch! What a way to start the day.

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hippy said...

Hippy also has a Powertap

Keep it up with the cool power posts. I've got a book coming but practical use and reports are loads more interesting (and I can read them at work whilst still looking productive!) :)