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Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Some quotes you just have to share

What follows is a conversation that took place between me and my boss...or rather it was me talking to everyone and my boss hearing and chipping in:

Scene..Location the Physio department where I work, with me expounding to everyone listening about my 101yr old patient......

"Boy she is feisty. Isn't it fantastic. I reckon you have to be feisty to get to be over 100."

Boss coming out of his office "You'll live to 150 then!"

Me..I hope not, I've not got enough money..but I'll take that as a compliment. Would it be worth living that long if I couldn't ride a bike? Maybe I could ride an adult tricycle..yeah, that's what I'd do.

So there you have it..I'm going to live a VERY long time!! its in the genes anyhow.....better stop spending and start saving..... but before I do..can I justify a Garmin Edge 305?

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