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Thursday, 1 November 2007

25 days to go and I'm a "probable maybe"

Tuesday's test turned out not to be too was as cold as a witch's tit (7am and on daylight saving time and so actually 6am) and I was on all training gear..powertap wheel, crappy tyres pumped up only to 110psi and NO adrenalin, but the result was touching the ball park and so we're still on track (pun intended) for a November 26th showdown.

I'm certainly feeling a bit more confident and my battered ego from the worlds is gradually returning to its normal self. So my job now is to do one more check up test on Sunday..midday and with a warmer track, race gear on and a helper at the side of the track counting laps and to help keep my concentration from slipping.

Discussions with my coach this week centred on:

* how slow to go on the 1st usual pursuit 1st lap is around 25secs..the answer is do enough power strokes to get round the 1st curve and then sit down.

* how to deal with my helper signalling my times to me....I recall one of my coaches standing a little way into the curve, which at that time caused me to veer out whenever I passed him, adding metres to my journey. I also have NO hope of reading anything..any signalling has to be VERY simple and VERY obvious..maybe on the back straight would be the way to go...away from the officials..give me something to look at every 125m. She used a big arrow with Kevin Gill..point up ,down or horizontal on predicted lap times (rather than total time)..with the latter being the aim.

*and which gear to use...50/15 or my usual 51/15. My spinning has apparently improved out of sight..can't imagine why since I've been working on it forever, well 6 yrs at least...I guess its the increased track time...but I dont feel confident in that improved ability to move to a lighter gear. On Sunday I did~30 laps at a decent (was 'sposed to easy) pace on 49/15 but don't think I could keep that up for 60 mins, my current usual is 51/15 and on Sunday I'm going to give 50/15 a whirl.

So there we are..a positive post after days of soul searching. Now all I have to do is consolidate my aerobic base, rest up, avoid too much stress and stay healthy.

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