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Thursday, 8 November 2007

18 days and counting

"The pain of regret is far worse than the pain of pushing yourself" Bevan Docherty

Hmm..must remember that!!!

I was very sad to hear that light fingered rat bags had stolen gear from one of the women competitors during the World Masters in Sydney. It saddens me to think that in our small track cycling community we have such people and while I'm not so totally naive as to expect there not to be a rat bag or 2 amongst our fraternity.. what I find jaw droppingly astounding is that the wheel was stolen off the bike. How targeted, how disgustingly brazen is that. And what's worse for the victim is that it was a borrowed wheel...

Reminds me of the masters road worlds in St Johann 2006 when the garage a contingent of US riders used to store their gear was broken into and comprehensively ransacked. I guess getting away with stolen gear in Europe is easy..just drive it away beyond a border or 2 and sell the stuff quietly. Here in Aus? well if it was an Aussie, our track community is so small I suspect we'll hear about it eventually, if it was a visitor.... lets hope he/she had to pay excess baggage!

Final days are out of the fridge, wine bottles stoppered and hidden and stricter attention to diet are the order of the day. Feet up whenever I can..."I'm an athlete, I'm allowed to put my feet on the table"!!! or on another chair during meetings...and if you've got a cold..keep well away from me.

No sharing of food utensils at work...we've just come out of a gastro outbreak so that is particularly important and growl at anyone who even looks like they don't wash their hands often enough...its the way germs are spread in communites. Rest up..don't get too tired. And training? final touches happening to ensure the best result, the extra lap, metre or part thereof.

Am I looking forward to November 26th?!?
Am I looking forward to November 27th? YES! where did I put my MTB?


Lawrence said...

dontchya mean: where did I put y zimmerframe???? ;-P

asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

as I've said elsewhere..your blog perhaps....crossed hills at dawn?