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Saturday, 30 June 2007

Threshold speed week

The week I had been nervously "looking forward" to has been and gone, with mixed results. It started off with a long ride as discussed in the previous post, but some thing was not quite right eye felt a bit scratchy but not enough to worry about until Monday morning, when I woke up looking like Mr Magoo. At work I got the usual amount of sympathy one expects from a room full of Physios, ie none, zero, nichts, nil, nothing, less than 0 but naturally all were very free with the advice. Later that day I was "squeezed in" to my GP's busy schedule to be told what I already knew...conjunctivitis..probably allergic.

I blame this person
..Pippi..a puddy cat of very little brain and an exuberant growth of fur especially on her back legs and
being somewhat rotund she finds getting to that part of her body w-a-a-a-a-y too hard. I have to groom her and I guess this time I time I'll wear swimming goggles! Anyhow the discomfort from the itchy eyelid meant 2 nights of hardly any sleep which impacted on the Tuesday killer session..just couldn't do it. By Thurs I was okay again and went into overachieving mode...200+ watts rather than the required 180 watts.

In between those 2 sessions I took part in a well attended Women's forum chaired by CycleSport Victoria. Hopefully the Women's Commission that will be formed as a result of this meeting will be able to turn things around in what is in fact a "boys club" with an approach to recruitment that does not favour those whose enthusiasm needs to be nurtured. Some very well attended women's Come and Try it track days have been put on, but the follow up has been wanting and as a result few have carried on into racing.

I'm supposed to be doing a TT tomorrow along the Boulevard but with previous winning times of ~16 minutes I'm going to give it the flick and race the 30km TT next weekend at Lancefield
instead, it is a team TT, but I will do it solo. It'll be a good warm up for my club's 25km TT champs at Yarra Junction on 21/7.

The weather here in Melbourne has changed from frigid to frigid and wet, and while we are all happy that the dams are finally filling up (last week they were down to 28% capacity against 46% this time last year), I just wish it would only rain at night or when I'm at work!!!! ..I don't enjoy training in the rain.

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Lawrence said...

cat porn photo. Sorry, had to say that, so your google searchers would be more interesting ;-)

Was going to put up a photo on my blog of my cat in classic heaterslut pose, but now it will look like I am copying you.