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Saturday, 2 June 2007

Testing testing take 2

This is my Performance Manager chart from Cyclingpeaks WKO+. Dunno if I've set it up right, but it appears from looking at the graph that I seem to be in a trough . (pink is acute load, blue is chronic load, green is balance and the grey column are my daily efforts. The gap in the middle is when I was crook and so might have been fresh had I not felt so awful! So currently I'm nowhere near the form=fitness+freshness a la Dr Andy Coggan.

We shall see how I travel tomorrow when I do another 20km TT. This one is described as undulating and is one I know very well both as a road race and a time trial circuit. In fact I raced it on February 11 this year...see below for my powertap read out from that day. Even although it is "undulating" as against the race at Digger's Rest which was "flat"..there is no killer grovelling nasty pinch to slow me down to a crawl. From memory I had a Kysrium on the front, powertap on the back. This time I'll have the Corima 4 spoke up front as my older son is not racing and so is not borrowing "the old lady's" gear! He's doing a 6hr MTB race instead. Hard to comprehend that... exchanging ~25 mins of exquisite agony for 6 hrs of the same..makes no sense to me.

HOWEVER, I've had a discussion with she who must be coach ...and I have to crank around at at least 5 revs faster than I want to as without being nagged I sink into 60-80rpm instead of 80-95rpm.

This is Feb's graph with the green dotted line at 80rpm. Below are the details:
So tomorrow's graphs will be added..tomorrow!

In the mean time I'm going to drool over my new carbon Cobra wing start up/base bar.

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Lawrence said...

Pictures please of this new carbon cobra wing (since when did cobra's fly?? hehe)! Bling shots please..