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Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Fitness, key workout and fellow sufferer confirmation

Last things "fellow sufferer" has declared her intent, subject to a closer look at the finances. So, that makes 4 Aussies on the road to pain, suffering and"glory", 2 guys and us.

Last night I did a workout that previously was in my failure bucket. It's an endurance workout doing aerobic intervals as opposed to the classic variety. In other words you dont get a *rest* between intervals, you get only respite ie..major effort, minor effort,major effort get the drift.

This is an unsmoothed you can see I find it very difficult to maintain an even wattage.... to a degree its the nature of the beast but I slip off the target very quickly if I dont keep an eye on the visual display (aka CPU) for both watts and cadence. My tendency to "rest" after each effort in the classic interval mode is evident by the abrupt downward dive at the completion of each effort.

I felt very up beat when I'd finished, cooled down and put on the compression tights to "bio accelerate". They seem to work well..or is it that I've spent $$$ and therefore they MUST work? legs dont feel as heavy the next day when I've worn them. Only real problem is that they have to be VERY firm, so getting them on in a post exercise fatigued state is a bit of a challenge.

My performanace management chart is continuing to show an upward Chronic Training Load slope, with the other 2 they do. The tall grey column on the right is my 4hr ride on Sunday.

Monday was a public holiday here and a rest day, so I took the time to write a bulk email to friends to let them know of my latest other words..I have gone public!!! can't back out now....doh!

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