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Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Dedication or OCD and a definite date for THE attempt

Sitting spinning in front of the TV at 530 this morning, when it was so cold I was wearing my long fingered gloves, my breath was puffing out in clouds and my nose was dripping, I got to I dedicated, stupid or do I have obsessive compulsive disease?? Hmmm! Depends on who's making the comment I guess.

Australian winters are by no means as bad as those I experienced in the country of my birth...England, but here in Melbourne where the temperature fluctuates wildly you never have a chance to acclimatise to one before it changes...4 seasons in one day..thats us. However it is now definitely and officially WINTER and I know that to be true since every time the HRM goes on I have to suppress a scream. (warm body/cold strap).

My sister is visiting Australia in time for both the Track Worlds and my World Hour Attempt (pls note the caps!) and since she is returning to UK on Nov 28th I have now absolutely got to commit to a providing all goes well its ..Monday November 26th 5pm-6pm Melbourne time.

Here is a pix of Stuey the bluey with his new bars..not the best of pix; more are bound to follow.

The bars will need to be cut down and of course its minus the Ghiblis, but we're getting there.

Music is my next task..what to have blaring out over the PA system. Some Rammstein for sure, Queen, AC/DC, Bush, Chumbawamba for a bit of humour..I'd sort of thought start light with a spinning type of beat gradually working into heavy, dynamic angry music, .....any thoughts, suggestions?

And while we're talking I the only person who's got ears that ipod ear plugs wont sit in???..i must have at least 6 sets and they all fall out, including the ones shaped like an old fashioned behind the ear hearing aid. DOH!


Lawrence said...

hehheeeeeeeeee 5.30 am!!! It was too cold for me this morning.. I got up at 5.30 then went back to bed for 30min at 6.

So who's the OCD now?? or am I just soft?? ;-P hehehe

Nov 26 - it's in the diary. Time to start gathering likely suspects for raucous cheer squad.

Lawrence said...

re: the ipod earbuds. My right one never sits right, and sometimes falls out.

Perhaps there is a knack to getting them to sit in?

Bleve said...

You can tape them in place (ear buds). I use some finger strapping tape to hold in earpieces when I don't want them to fall out. The soft paper tape, not the harder rigid tape - I'm sure you know the stuff.

asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

ah ha! so I'm not the only one!