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Tuesday, 20 March 2007

The week before the Nationals


Well once again the pre competition week jitters have arrived. Can't concentrate, can't get to sleep as easily as usual, and I'm ravenous but mustn't eat too much as I'm not training as much. Roll on next Monday!

Before the races I've got an Australian Masters Meeting at DISC on Sunday..hope they dont mind feet up on the table!!

I've got 6 events. IP on Monday, off on Tuesday and the TT and Scratch on Wednesday. I've got a task to do this week and its rediscovering my Pursuit pacing. Gonna do that with the help of a cyclocomputer...trying for a set speed and I'll do it at the Blackburn track which is right next to where I work. Would've done it today but it rained...almost unheard of.

Thursday is a day off and then its off
to Bacchus Marsh for the road races; TT first then Crit and finally RR. I've ridden the TT course twice and both times there was a strong head wind as well as a net gain in altitude on the way out...actually on the second visit it was a howling gale and on the way back I was up in the high 50kph's without even trying..should've sat up I guess. No doubt about it, it'll be won on the way out.

AND..I've put the order in for my new bike..woo! hoo! I've gone for the Small rather than XS size..hope its the right choice. Should get it by the weekend. Before sales service seems good, although I'm surprised they're unable to tell me the weight of the frame.

The World Hour project is on the back burner for a coupla weeks...Nats, recovery then crewing for Ben.

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