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Wednesday, 21 March 2007

UCI strikes again

I've just heard that no-one is allowed to do an attempt at the World Masters Champs. I also have to pay for my drug testing if I'm successful, which is $650...arrrgh!

Since I can't do it at the Worlds I guess I might have to think of the Vic Champs in Jan, the Aus Champs in March or just solo any time. Can't say I fancy solo...need an audience I think. Or perhaps piggy backing onto the which I mean the day after they finish.

Anyhow today I've made a formal application to CA in order to "open the dialogue", after all this is something that has to be planned well in advance.

Guess this means I may have to pay for international commissaires, velodrome hire etc etc.

More thought needed. Might have to take up a collection ...!

Better tell the coach.

1 comment:

Lawrence said...

Bullox!!!! If you need an audience we can get you one I am sure Liz. And, as there are a few loonies wanting to do an attempt, is it possible to arrange a date/time etc and share costs?