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Sunday, 18 March 2007

More Testing and advice from someone who already been there

Sunday is the day for a 3 hr stint down at the track with other Masters but today my legs are still recovering from yesterday's efforts so I don't expect to be too good. Last night I also stayed out late watching the Australian Madison champs at Vodafone. The timing of the event was bad, not only was the Grand Prix Formula 1 racing on but there was also a huge swimming meet next door. So the crowd was very poor and the top elites were away for the World track Champs in Spain. Great racing though although we did have a giggle trying again to imagine how it would work out if women had to race the Madison!!

Yesterday I fiddled with the position of the extensions of my bars as they just didn't feel right and it worked..I felt much more comfortable. Its amazing how such a minor alteration can play such a huge part in success/failure. Using 52/15 gearing I cruised around the track at the pace I wanted without too much difficulty for 15 minutes. No ipod, no music, nothing.

Then I decided to re-acquaint myself with my pursuit speed since that race is 7 days away and what a farce that was. I managed to over cook myself to an alarming degree going out from the gates like a steam train and shooting round the second lap as if I was being chased...19sec from 125m-375m No! no!, pursuit, not a 500m TT duh!

Anyhow if the pursuit is beyond me it looks as though the 500m TT wont be, my 2 start laps were the best I've done for a while, laying down 660watts to get off the line, probably shoots the BP up through the roof and ruptures a few blood vessels... so I might just be in for a PB; the World Record for 60yr olds is 42.262secs. And, yes I know 660 watts is nothing special for others, but it is for me.

Chris Hunt was there and as he's done the hour record...does he still hold the Australian record??? I felt he should be able to help. His first comment was DO NOT do the 60 minutes in training...nope, not planning on that. what he did suggest was do motor pacing. Aim for a higher time than you are currently.

The 2 Ghiblis that should be mine were on show ..sob, double sob. Got an ad on Fixed Gear Fever although I don't expect anything from it .

Now for a week of even more careful preparation. I'll try to dial in my pursuit speed over a couple of short sessions. Legs are dead is definitely on the cards. Legs up, Skins on. Oh and watching "The Biggest Loser" a no-brainer show about people losing weight..just my intellectual level right now.
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